PR Consultations throughout the provinces continued despite the political campaigning of registered political parties. This has been the core role of the Public Relations Unit as guided by the Corporate Plan of the OPM.

One of the key objectives during the PR consultations awareness during this political development phase were to enlighten people on the contents of the 2013 Constitution which includes the concept of the Preamble, national identity, Bill of Rights and the protection of indigenous land, culture, customs, language and traditions.

The PR Officers presented their findings and overview on the PR Consultations awareness conducted in the Lomaiviti Province in early June. The findings contained overviews on the issues discussed by the PR Officers and the emerging issues raised by the public during the PR Consultations awareness.

Furthermore, PAO Mr. Kisoko Cagituevei stated the people in the Lomaiviti Province were explained on the fundamental steps undertaken by the Government in order to realise and implement the tenets of the 2013 Constitution such as infrastructure development projects, equal citizenry, education assistance, social welfare reforms and minimum wage.

DS SFCCO Mr. Edward Tunidau emphasised the need to maintain neutrality as civil servants while conducting PR consultations. Information gathered through feedback forms, questions during Talanoa Sessions are analysed further in order to assist the Officers in strategising our next PR course of action.