The public can now access and check the information online at the revamped Strategic Framework for Change Coordinating Office (SFCCO) website re-launched today.

Deputy Secretary for SFCCO, Mr. Edward Tunidau handed the honours to one of the long serving Government Wage Earner’s (GWE), Mr. Kemueli Qio, at SFCCO of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to re-launch the revamped SFCCO website.

The DS – SFCCO urged those with access to the Internet through a personal computer or smart mobile phone to fully optimize on the information available on the website. The objective is to utilize other mediums of awareness on Government’s intentions and activities especially during this Political Development phase.

The website – – contains a range of information about the office, including unit updates from Public Relations & Media; Corporate/Charter and the Monitoring and Evaluation. The website is also intended to provide progressive updates on the renovation of the Parliamentary complex as we head towards 2014.

It was a ‘historic’ moment for Mr. Qio to re-launch the revamped website as he was humbled with the opportunity given to him.

“We, at the Office of the Prime Minister, will continue to deliver the desired results and give recognition to the efforts of staff as it demonstrates our commitment and ownership of working together as a team”, said Mr. Tunidau.

The SFCCO website went off-line in October last year to allow the Public Relations & Media Division to work on the technical upgrades of the site.

A prominent feature on the website is the Contact Portal which allows members of the public to share their comments, issues or referrals to SFCCO.


Mr. Kemueli Qio, sitting, re-launches the revamped SFCCO website at the
Strategic Framework for Change Coordinating Office (SFCCO).